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why tho? what on earth gave you the idea to make this horror?


This is awesome, thank you!! <333 I love this so much! This is absolutely amazing. The debug mode helps so much!! I'm having so much fun!


How are you supposed to understand what any of it means?


But why? Do you derive pleasure out of it?
Cyberpunk mazochism?
I'm on a quest to understand.

good idea, but the compiler can't execute ANSI commands ( ), which is why, for example, this code cannot be executed correctly


That’s problem of terminal emulator, not compiler/interpreter btw. It will execute, and you will have output, it just won’t interpret them correctly


This is great! I would suggest adding (possibly customizable) keyboard shortcuts, for saving and running, etc.


You can press ctrl+s to save and while holding control, you can press the minus and plus button to change font size. You can also quickly load text and bf files by dragging them onto the ide. 

Thanks for your feedback! Although I'm not sure if I'll make these shortcuts customizable since that would be a lot of work and I'm not really interested in working on BF Designer anymore. 


Ah, I was thinking Ctrl+Return to run it, but it's ok if you're not developing it anymore!

cool stuff!


What UI framework did you use?

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I created my own classes that extended the Javax.swing components so I could customize how they look. I also used UIManager to change the color and font of certain components as well.  For the icons on the buttons I used some of these fonts as text for the buttons. 

Hope that helps :)


I've did some tests with BF Designer and I'm impressed!
It has a much better approach to syntax highlight than my own BF IDE
It resisted the stress tests very well.
The snippets feature is a real surprise. Reminds me of my work building a compiler which generates brainfuck code.  Oh! The time I spent at brainfuck algorithms.
But congratulations, it seems really good. Plus it is also cross-platform!!