A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tool that lets you graph math functions

How to use

Enter the right hand side of the function by typing it, or by using the convenient buttons at your disposal. Change the graph PRECISION and RANGE to experiment with different detail and zoom levels for the graph view.

Why I made this

I wanted a tool to use in high school math class to experiment with functions as well as to further my understanding of them. This project also taught me how to use graphics in Java and ways to draw graphs with smooth curves (Lerping points).


Function Grapher uses the exp4j library to evaluate the right hand side of the expression to find the y coordinate. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and was written by Frank Asseg


Function Grapher.jar 115 kB

Install instructions

Make sure to have JAVA installed on your system.

Open the jar file to launch the program!

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