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Ground War is an action-packed platformer shooter meant for offline play. You have the option to customize your class, killstreak, map, and gamemode for maximum fun! There are a wide variety of weapons to fit your playstyle and a selection of maps and gamemodes to keep you busy. This is a student project that I put together in 2 months. 

IF YOU HAVE A SLOW COMPUTER READ THIS: You can go into the options menu and enable "optimize" to make the game run better if you are experiencing any frame drops.  

Published Nov 05, 2017
Tags2D, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art

Install instructions

If windows says that the file may harm your computer, then just click "More Info"  and then "run anyways"


Ground War.zip 5 MB

Development log


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Enjoyable little arena shooter! I like how the enemies fight eachother so you feel like you're part of some giant battle royale war thing. The lack of audio was very off-putting. I suggest going to Chiptone or Bfxr and making quick sounds.

Very fun game!

fun little game with some sadistic bots :p

you can change the Bot Difficulty if necessary