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This game looks great. Why no Mac  / Linux version ;-) ?

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Because I got a virus on my pc and lost all the code along with all my other projects... Seems like my excuse is better than yours! But seriously, I really want to try that 3d modelling viewer thing you have. I'd love to use it to experiment with my own shaders. 

Oh dear, sorry to hear that and yes, that's a far better excuse than mine :-) I guess in future you might want to store your code on bitbucket or github just in case. I'll try and pull the windows version together then so you can have a play.

I started playing the game expecting to find a simple shooter, instead I was surprised to find a bit of complexity regarding the gameplay, like different weapons, the ability to use an helicopter and some tactical approch to the action. I wanted to see some differentiation regarding the background instead of the flat color, and I am not fully convinced about the design decision to shoot beyond the screen edges, that can make projectiles hard to avoid. I can say that it was definitely an intersting and enjoyable shooter!

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Enjoyable little arena shooter! I like how the enemies fight eachother so you feel like you're part of some giant battle royale war thing. The lack of audio was very off-putting. I suggest going to Chiptone or Bfxr and making quick sounds.


Hey I've updated the game with sounds and gameplay changes! Try fiddling with some of the settings in the options menu too!! 

Thank you so much for the suggestions!

Very fun game!

fun little game with some sadistic bots :p

you can change the Bot Difficulty if necessary